About this site

What is cogsci.dk?

Cogsci.dk is the website for all information relevant to Cognitive Science students and interested at Aarhus University and associated institutions.

Who are the people behind this?

The development of this website has been organized by and for students of Cognitive Science at Aarhus University, Denmark. The website is actively maintained and updated by the community and the core team <3

How can I help?

You can do one or more of the following:

Information on writing the documents on this website can be found in the Contribute section. Contact the core team here.

Section information


The contact section contains the contact information of all relevant parties at Aarhus University that you might need contact information on.


The contribute section contains information on how you can help add and update the website. It has extensive guides on anything from writing in markdown (the format of the files on this website) to adding blog posts, and some specific guides on adding content and special hugo shortcodes.

Cogsci Productions

Stuff made by our students!

In Cogsci Productions, you will find documents of the past (like exam projects) and the halls of fame that demand glory in the Cognitive Science program! Also an archive of the amazing CogTalks, and other cool projects

Social Hub

In the social hub, you will find the beautiful, loving relationships available on the Cognitive Science program. You can find the social groups, contact information for teachers and instructors, and an overview of organizations like research groups at AU.


international support, more

Programming and Statistics

In this section, you can find all that which has been missing in your life. Access to endless cheat sheets, guides, incredible package lists, software tools, magnificent mathematics, and beautiful statistics. The joy of logic is upon us.

Extended learning

In Extended Learning, you will find access to lists and lists of glorious resources from online courses to enticing books, podcasts and helpfully informative or merely interesting videos.

Formal stuff

We know that Aarhus University’s organizational structure can be a bit daunting which is why we have attempted to gather all of the best resources you need for your student experience in the very formally named Formal Stuff.


In the career section, there is ample opportunity to get lost in all of the possibilities that Cognitive Science brings you. With everything from job inspiration (for cogsci students) to a career brochure (to show others what we can do) and in the future a job bank.