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Social Compliance during Covid-19 with Lasse Hyldig Hansen
Neuroimaging & Machine Learning with Esben Kran
Experience Engineering with Aleksandrs Baskakovs
Emotions with Sebastian Scott Engen
When Reality Breaks (Brain Anomalies) with Lasse D. Elholm
Making Safe AI with Cognitive Science and with Jonathan H. Rystrøm
Escaping the AI Chasm with Malte Højmark-Bertelsen
Vocal Markers in ASD and Schizophrenia with Riccardo Fusaroli
Cognitive Semiotics and Neuroscience with Jannik Wiggers
Disinformation & Democracies with Maris Sala
Explainable AI & Cognitive Science with Millie Søndergaard
Computational Modeling of Gambling Decisions with Simon Hansen
Code Optimization in R with Lasse Letager Hansen
Quest into Uncertainty with Savhannah Schulz
Radiators & Communication with Mikkel Wallentin
Industry Adventures with Jonathan H. Rystrøm

What does a data scientist actually do? Is it all awesome state-of-the-art neural network tuning, mainly powerpoints, or a mix of the two? This CogTalk will let you in on the secret! I will explain what I learned (and didn’t learn) from working 1,5 years as a junior data science consultant. It will be a story of awesome models, stupid models, annoying cleaning personnel (what?) and much more. I will go through some (hopefully) interesting cases so you don’t have to make all the (many) mistakes I did :))

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Spider Cognition with Arnault-Quentin Vermillet
Linear Regression with Kenneth Enevoldsen
Noam Chomsky and Generative Linguistics with Johanne K. Nedergård
Art Perception with Pernille B. Lassen
Consciousness with Christoffer L. Olesen
Brain-Machine Interfacing with Esben Kran

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Casual Causality with Jonathan Rystrøm
Citizen Science with Blanka Palfi
Psychedelics with Lasse D. Hansen