#Contact for organizations within Cognitive Science at Aarhus University

Broca’s Bodega

About: This is a university friday bar at Aarhus University for Cognitive Science students and friends.

Gazzaniga’s Gang

About: The Gazzaniga’s Gang, is an event group dedicated to making our collective CogSci Family even more close-knit

Contact the CogSite team

You are always welcome to contact the people who are currently working on the website. Help is always welcome!


Current contributors:

  • Arnault-Quentin Vermillet, organization
  • Peter Thestrup Waade, content
  • Esben Kran, tech and content
  • Sebastian Scott Engen, content
  • Malte Lau Pedersen, tech
  • Millie Søndergaard, career
  • Ludvig Olsen, external supervisor
  • Blanka Pálfi, content and mental health