How can you contribute by putting something on this website?

Short answer

Send a pull-request on gitlab with your content in markdown format.

Slightly longer answer

The website is powered by Hugo, which reads a folder full of Markdown (.md) files, and turns them into the files needed for a beautiful website (.html).

This happens automatically, so all you need to do is commit your content as a markdown file, and send in those changes.

Step-by-step answer

  1. First, fork the repository by clicking the “Fork” button in the top right on gitlab.
  2. Now you have “your version” at<yourusername>/CogSite. Clone that, for example with git clone<yourusername>/CogSite.git
  3. Follow the instructions on the “Writing a blog post” page or copy the example blog post file to create your own post. You can also add to existing pages’s lists and content.
  4. (Optional) Build the site locally, so you can see your changes in action before sending them live. See the main README on gitlab.
  5. When you’re satisfied, commit your changes and push them to the repository.
  6. Now go to the gitlab repository, under “Merge Requests” to the left, click “New merge request”. Make sure the “Source Branch” comes from your fork, ie <yourusername>/CogSite, and the “Target Branch” is the official aucogseers/CogSite. Once you’ve submitted your merge request, your contribution will go live as soon as someone with commit access on the project approves the merge request.

If you’re a regular contributor, you can skip steps 1 and 6, and instead clone the main repository directly and push changes back live.


Adding an exam paper

TODO: Step by step example of adding an exam project.

Writing a blog post

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Follow the guide on the “Writing a blog post” page
  3. Commit your blog post to your forked repository
  4. Submit a merge request to the AUCogseers’ repository