Adding content

Adding content

First, you have to fork the repository as shown in this guide.

Adding to lists

If you want to add to a list on the website, note how that list is currently set up and copy the elements to make your addition adhere to the current formatting.

For many of the lists, a specific shortcode is important. This shortcode is the `

` shortcode. It is structured as shown below:

<details >
  <summary>This is expandable</summary>
  <div class="markdown-inner">
    <code>This is my hidden content</code>
This is expandable
This is my hidden content.

The title is what is shown in the expandable menu field and the open property decides if it starts open or closed. Most lists have them closed initially.

You HAVE to write a space after and before the < and > or you can break the site.

Another regularly used formatting tool for these lists is the table. These are described in the markdown tutorial. Examples are seen on the R cheat site and the R packages site.

Adding a page

When writing a normal page in the /docs directory (mostly the core team), you will be using the following page settings (as described in the writing a blog post tutorial):

title: "Page settings"
type: docs
weight: 5

You do not need the page settings on every page as they default to the file name and first heading of the page.

Possible page settings
code description
title: “name” The title of the page in the left-hand menu
type: docs Set the page type to blog or something else if it’s outside the docs
weight: 4 Decides how far down it is compared to pages on the same hierarchy in the menu. The more weight, the farther down.
bookFlatSection: true Shows all of its sub-pages in the menu and makes this page bold. Generally not desirable.
bookCollapseSection: true Creates an expandable menu item. All sections are currently configured like this.
bookHidden: true Hides the page in the menu.
bookToC: false Hides the right-side table of contents.
bookComments: true Shows comments on the page. Generally not relevant on docs pages