Useful packages

R Packages

Basic utilities
Package Description By
dplyr A grammar of data manipulation tidyverse
tidyr Tidy data with spread and gather functions tidyverse
purrr A functional programming toolkit tidyverse
plyr llply() and ldply() as for-loop replacements Hadley Wickham
tibble Modern reimagining of the data.frame tidyverse
data.table Alternative data frame. Quicker for big datasets Tyson Barrett
recipes Preprocessing pipelines tidyverse
groupdata2 Create groups, folds and partitions Ludvig Olsen
rearrr Transform and rearrrange data Ludvig Olsen
Text manipulation
Package Description By
stringr String manipulation tidyverse
tidytext Tidy text analysis Julia Silge, David Robinson
quanteda Quantitative analysis of text quanteda
spacyr spaCy API for R quanteda
sentida Sentiment analysis Lars Kjartan Bacher Svendsen, Jacob Aarup Dalsgaard, Gustav Aarup Lauridsen
Package Description By
lme4 Linear mixed-effects models Douglas Bates, et al.
brms Bayesian modeling Paul-Christian Bürkner
cvms Evaluation and cross-validation of models Ludvig Olsen
parsnip Tidy, unified interface to model functions tidymodels
superlearner Ensemble methods Eric Polley, et al.
keras Deep learning framework Daniel Falbel, et al.
tensorflow Deep learning framework Daniel Falbel, et al.
mlr3 Object-oriented machine learning framework Michel Lang, et al.
e1071 Different model functions David Meyer, et al.
performance Evaluating performance of models easystats
yardstick Evaluation metrics tidymodels
insight Extract model attributes easystats
MuMIn Model object metrics Kamil Bartoń
Package Description By
ggplot2 Make plots tidyverse
patchwork Combine separate ggplots Thomas Lin Pedersen
ggforce Accelerating ggplot2 Thomas Lin Pedersen
see Visualisation toolbox easystats
ggimage Add images to ggplots Guangchuang YU
mathart Create mathematical art Marcus Volz
R development
Package Description By
usethis Automate package and project setup tasks Hadley Wickham, et al.
testthat Framework for unit-testing functions Hadley Wickham
xpectr Generate testthat tests Ludvig Olsen
checkmate Fast input checks in functions Michel Lang

Python Packages

Basic utilities
Package Description By
numpy Numerical computing (arrays and math operations) Travis Oliphant, et al.
pandas Data frames Wes McKinney, et al.
scipy Scientific computing Pauli Virtanen, et al.
Package Description By
scikit-learn (sklearn) Everything in machine learning Pedregosa, F., et al.
tensorflow Deep learning framework Martín Abadi, et al.
pytorch Deep learning framework Adam Paszke, et al.
jax High-performance machine learning research James Bradbury, et al.
PyStan Bayesian inference (stan interface) PyStan
PyMC3 Bayesian statistical modeling and Probabilistic Machine Learning Salvatier J., et al.
Package Description By
mne M/EEG analysis and visualization Alexandre Gramfort, et al.
nipy Neuroimaging tools NiPy
nitime Timeseries analysis for neuroscience data NiPy
nilearn scikit-learn for neuroimaging data NiPy
nibabel Read / write common neuroimaging file formats NiPy
nilearn Workflows and interfaces for neuroimaging packages NiPy
PySurfer Neuroimaging visualization NiPy
PyMVPA Multivariate pattern analysis Michael Hanke, et al.
fMRIPrep Robust Preprocessing Pipeline for fMRI Data Oscar Esteban, et al.
Package Description By
nlpaug Text and audio augmentation Edward Ma