Exam Paper Examples

Cognition and Communication

General Pointers

☝. Please have a look at Tylen’s guide for good reports by following this link: https://drive.google.com/.../1bo1kjdBGXPphYHrShMQ.../view…. It will help you know to structure your document ❤ Some of you had switched around discussions and conclusions, others forgot to state their hypotheses, and so on. I believe this guide will be really helpful for a lot of you! 💗

🤘. Remember to add your names in the header, as well as page numbers. Tylen will likely print your papers, so adding these details will counteract your papers getting shuffled around in a pile 💗

🤟. Remember to cite sources when you define concepts, make bold statements, etc. In general, I would say that your focus should be less on presenting your own views and more on letting your project attach to and build on prior research 💗

🤘🤘. This website is wonderful when stress hits and you struggle to find out whether your analysis, reporting, etc. is correct: http://www.sthda.com/english/wiki/comparing-means-in-r 💗

🖐. When looking over your paper for the 3rd gazillion time, try having a look at the length of your sentences. Some are likely a bit wordy, whilst others are a bit sparse. Try to open up when you haven’t motivated why you did one thing rather than another, but also try to slim down the text when you have 3 examples saying roughly the same thing 💗

All the best, Your Sebber 💗