International Exhange


ITTU is the Bachelor degree’s 5th semester elective (15 ECTS) during the Bachelor’s thesis and the exhange 6th semester (30 ECTS) where international exhange is possible.


  1. Apply at AU with a prioritized list (~5 prioritized universities, see ITTU files)
  2. Get the list accepted
  3. Apply at target university, possibly get accepted
  4. If not accepted, go to next university or if the list is exhausted, go to step 1

It’s mostly pretty tough work.

AUGO: Partner Universities

Here, you can find all the universities that AU has partner deals with. Search for University Wide agreements instead of Lateral if you want to study other fields than Arts (e.g. data science or neuroscience). A fantastic website that is apparently getting replaced with one of highly dubious quality (let’s hope it gets updated).

It has information on all universities where AU students have gone and reviews with a lot of information on each student’s trip. You will also notice several freemovers here (see freemover section). See a Cognitive Science student’s evaluation of Vermont University here: They also received a grant for their exhange semester.


If you go to a partner university, you pay the same price as in Denmark (often free) for tuition. Then you pay for housing, food, etc. If you become a freemover (outside the partner universities) then you pay for the tuition youself as well. This can of course be done with scholarships, grants (Danish, EU, or international), etc.

An example of the process for a freemover can be seen here: This BSS student applied for Berkeley.

Money and grants
Exhange info
AU Application Page

Create an application with a prioritized list of universities with a list of courses adding up to 30< ECTS. Example coming at one point. You can send in the exact same application with a friend to go to the same university - you can still take different courses.

International Coordinators

Lise Hansen: Arts Cognitive Science International Coordinator

MoveON: Search for partner universities

Website that might work at some point in the future for finding exhange opportunities.

New AU partner university website

Website that might work at some point in the future for finding exhange opportunities.

ITTU documents

Application example
Compiled lists

ITTU graduates from Cognitive Science

Sebastian: Canada
Anna Agermose: Vermont
Maris: NUS
Kenneth: Mathematics
Ludvig: Computer Science
Mikkel: Mathematics

Master’s at another university