International Exhange

Guide to IV courses

This page will guide you through the (often convoluted) process of applying for IV-courses outside fo

Pre Approval

  1. Find you dream course (you can look here for some excellent cog-reviews)
    1. Actually find multiple ones and kill all the birds with one application stone
    2. NB: Some of the people at the administration are a bit touchy about you not using your pre-approval - so only find stuff courses you actually wanna take!
  2. Remember criteria: 10 ECTS, English, bachelor-level, check prerequisites (remember methods is a free pass to all stats / math (also write that we do python)) 3. If cool go to step 3 4. Else: go to step 1
  3. Go to → submit an application to your board of studies → apply for preapproval
  4. Fill out the page 5. Remember to spell the course(s) correctly

Summer school


  1. Contact the study centre at the study / faculty you’re applying for (our own study centre cannot help to much)
    1. Contact student student service at the respective course to find info.
    2. If you cannot find them, write to their student councillor.
  2. Do whatever they want you to.
  3. OBS: You cannot take courses at psychology (aka. Cogsci light) - and honestly, why would you?