is going live! is going live!

October 14, 2020

by Malte, Peter, and Esben

Welcome to the launch of!

Our vision with this website is that we can have a shared space across the years in the bsc and msc. We think this can be part of shaping the identity of this wonderful programme we’re in.

We all have different strengths, so when we (the more website-technically-oriented bunch) create this website, it’s in the hope that those who know their ways through the bureaucracy, those with experience with industry careers, those who are good at programming or incredible with statistics, those deeply integrated in the social life, those with deep and/or broad knowledge of a literature, or just those who know where to find interesting stuff to read and watch – we hope that all of you will contribute your strengths to make this a great shared resource.

You can already find on here:

  • Inspiration and experience from studying abroad, or getting better at programming.
  • Social activity clubs operating across the years.
  • A curated list of learning materials, free and paid.
  • Exam projects, publications, and CogTalks by students

You will help build this site

  • In the very near future, the section with examples of former exam projects will be filled out. We hope to see yours too! more on that in a future blog post.
  • We hope that when you come across some interesting content, you will share it not only with your own study group or semester, but file it on as well so it can be enjoyed across the whole studies.
  • If you are holding a cool event (ie CogTalks), arranging the next big party (shoutout to Broca’s … we’ll be patient), or have other social or societal things to take up with all of CogSci (making a website ? ) — Why not put it on here? The blog is open to anything CogSci-related!
  • When you see a blank page, broken link, or just a page that could be even better, it’s easy to fix it! If you send us a pull request (we made a nice guide here, otherwise ask)

Right now, the website is edited by a do-ocratic team of those willing to do the work. In the future, editorial control will be passed on to a democratic process in the up-and-coming CogSci Student Council.

OBS: We’re still under construction … and we’re serious about your participation!

Coming up next on the blog!

  • A logo competition!
  • How can you share your exam projects and gain the fame of your fellow students!
  • News of the upcoming initiative to form a CogSci Student Council